Twisted Metal Signature Series Guide (Signature Series Guides)

Twisted Metal Signature Series Guide (Signature Series Guides)

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  • BradyGames’ Twisted Metal Signature Series Strategy Guide includes the following:

    The Twisted Metal tournament is back. From high atop the towering Calypso Industries building, the maniacal Calypso has created a new game for his contestants. Sweet Tooth, Mr. Grimm and Dollface must compete in a series of deadly, destructive events to prove their mettle.

    The destruction will be catastrophic. The death toll will be high. But will it be worth the price? Calypso will grant the winner his or her greatest wish. But everyone knows Calypso has a way of twisting words.

  • Comprehensive Walkthrough
    Follow our game-tested strategies to annihilate the competition in each character’s six chaos-filled events. Find out what it takes to achieve Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

  • Area Maps
    Learn the lay of the land with detailed area maps. Locate important pickups, key routes and much more!

  • Multiplayer Mayhem
    Discover all the destructive tricks and skills needed to take the Twisted Metal fight online! Get the lowdown on all the intense game modes, including Deathmatch, Hunter and Nuke.

  • History of Twisted Metal
    Get an in-depth history lesson behind one of gaming’s most fascinating franchises!

  • Character Bios
    Uncover the sick, twisted stories behind the infamous Sweet Tooth, Mr. Grimm, Dollface and the malevolent Calypso!

  • Weapons of Destruction
    Gain keen insight on the game’s destructive killing machines the vehicles! Each vehicle is rated on Speed, Armor and its Special Weapons.