Tomb Raider Signature Series Guide (Signature Series Guides) Paperback

Tomb Raider Signature Series Guide (Signature Series Guides) Paperback

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    When Lara set out to ­find the legendary island of Yamatai, it seemed convincing the crew of the Endurance to head into the dangerous area of the sea known as The Dragon’s Triangle would prove to be the greatest challenge.


  2. DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT Finding the island was only the beginning. Lara must explore, ­ fight, and, above all, survive to escape the island’s relentless hold. Reveal the secrets of this forgotten island with this essential Signature Series guide!

  3. CODE FOR MULTIPLAYER CHARACTER - This Signature Series Strategy Guide includes a code that unlocks the Scavenger Executioner multiplayer character



  5. · COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH - We lead you step-by-step through the entire game from start to ­ finish—locate and complete every Challenge!


  6. · EXCLUSIVE HIGHLY DETAILED MAPS - Our maps pinpoint every critical location in each area.


  7. o ALL THE COLLECTIBLES - Find every Document, Relic, GPS Cache and more!


  8. o EVERY CHALLENGE TOMB - Explore every hidden Tomb!


  9. o CACHES - Get the ­ re power you need!


  10. · COMPREHENSIVE MULTIPLAYER COVERAGE - Expert tactics for each multiplayer mode and loadout.

    · 100% COVERAGE - All of the Challenge Tombs, Achievements and Trophies, and all of the Secrets and Unlockables for 100% completion.