STAR OCEAN: Second Evolution  (Official Strategy Guides Bradygames Paperback)

STAR OCEAN: Second Evolution (Official Strategy Guides Bradygames Paperback)

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  1. S.D. 366. The gears of the universe continue to turn…


  2. A young man, Claude J. Kenny, is transported by accident to an uncharted world. The son of famous Admiral Ronyx J. Kenny, Claude has much to prove as he travels a path to greatness.
  3. A young girl, Rena Lanford, is shaken by several disasters hitting her world and the arrival of a strange meteorite. She anxiously awaits the arrival of a savior.


  4. What twist of fate has brought these two together?


  5. WALKTHROUGH & BOSS FIGHTS Detailed strategy to lead players through every area in the game. Important items, pickpocket locations, and Private Actions illustrated on area maps. Game-tested strategies to defeat every boss.



  6. COMPREHENSIVE BESTIARY Each foe’s strengths and weaknesses revealed. Plus, a statistical breakdown of Hit Points, EXP, Fol and much more!



  7. CHARACTER BREAKDOWNS Learn what it takes to recruit every character! Each character’s special arts and spells revealed.


  8. EVERY EXTRA QUEST Coverage of Ruddle the Traveler, the Fun City Bunny Race, the VR Expel, and much more!


  9. ALL PRIVATE ACTIONS Discover the appropriate responses to every PA in the game. The PA’s helped determine each of the game’s ending, so find them all !
  10. SKILL DATA Complete coverage of all Talents, Skills, Specialties, and Super Specialties in the game. Learn how to develop your characters to create superior items and other equipment. 
  11. Platform: PlayStation Portable Genre: Role-Playing Game