STAR OCEAN: First Departure  (Official Strategy Guides Bradygames Paperback)

STAR OCEAN: First Departure (Official Strategy Guides Bradygames Paperback)

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  1. Help Save Planet Roak An unknown power threatens to hurl the planet Roak into a new age of civilization. Is it the will of the gods, or simply fate? Whatever it may be, the human race continues to advance into the great unknown, into what they call[el]the Star Ocean.  
  2. Walkthrough & Boss Fights Detailed tactics to lead players through every area in the game. Area Maps illustrate every important item and Private Action. Plus, game-tested strategies to defeat every boss!  
  3. Character Analysis Learn how to recruit every character! Complete rundown of each character’s special arts and spells. Learn when characters can acquire them and their devastating effects.  
  4. Bestiary Statistical breakdown of every foe in the game. Each foe’s strengths and weaknesses are revealed, plus other key information.  
  5. Coverage of All Extra Quests Take part in the Battle Arena, learn about every Private Action, and discover the extra dungeon.  
  6. Item & Equipment Data Listing of every weapon, armor, and accessory in the game.  
  7. Skill Data Extensive breakdown of all Talents, Skills, Specialties, and Super Specialties. Learn how to develop your characters to create awesome items and custom equipment.