SOULCALIBUR V The Official Guide (Collectors Edition)
SOULCALIBUR V The Official Guide (Collectors Edition)

SOULCALIBUR V The Official Guide (Collectors Edition)

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  1. Wield your character like a weaponThis is a new type of SOULCALIBUR. There are new faces, new weapons and new systems to explore. So we ve created a new type of fighting game guide to bring the complete picture into focus.
  2. The focus is on knowledge, and gaining any advantage you can, so we ve packed every last page with information straight from the world s best players. Learn to use the new Brave Edge and Critical Edge attacks to their fullest. Learn to Just Guard at exactly the right times. Learn to wield your character like a weapon. It s time to get sharp...

  3. Master Your Character Each character in SOULCALIBUR V represents a totally new challenge waiting to be mastered. Everything about each of these characters is laid bare, from how they should be approached when learning them to their best combos, mix-ups and ring out tools. Individual attacks are analysed in detail and tournament-worthy strategies are provided for all aspects of a character s game.

  4. Reach Tournament Level Learning to win at fighting games can be a slow and frustrating process, but it s not beyond anyone s reach. We take you from the basics of selecting your character all the way to understanding mix-ups, spacing, punishing and the many mind games that go with them; everything you need to win.

  5. Unlock Everything SOULCALIBUR V is filled with unlockable characters, stages, items and titles that completists will want to uncover. This guide has it all. The best ways to unlock all of the Achievements/Trophies are revealed and the quickest ways to unlock all character creation parts are detailed.

  6. In-depth Data Learn to understand the game at its deepest level with our comprehensive move list. Put together by some of the world s best players, the frame data and properties of every single attack are revealed in full, giving a complete insight into the way each character is designed to be played.

  7. Know Your History SOULCALIBUR V builds on a long and rich history of intertwining characters and stories. The complete timeline is revealed inside these pages, along with story synopsis and character biographies that illuminate the history of the entire SOULCALIBUR series.