Sleeping Dogs: Prima Official Game Guide (Paperback)

Sleeping Dogs: Prima Official Game Guide (Paperback)

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  1.  Explore a whole new open-world environment with fully detailed maps to uncover every illegal race, cock fight or karaoke bar to visit in the gritty streets of Hong Kong.
  2. • Survive even the most intense shootouts with a breakdown of every weapon in the game- learn where to find them and how to get the most out of them.

  3. • Complete every story mission with expert tips and unlock every side quest along the way.

  4. • Prepare to own the land and sea with guidance to the most exotic cars, superbikes, and speedboats in the game along with all the key stunt locations to master.

  5. • With over a hundred different ways to beat down, skewer, and take out enemies, the hand to hand tactics section shows the most effective and brutal melee combat to use.  

  6. • Take a tour behind the scenes to see how the team responsible for Sleeping Dogs managed to create a whole new world of brutal melee combat, intense racing, and epic shootouts in the streets of Hong Kong.