Silent Hill: Homecoming Signature Series Guide (Brady Games)

Silent Hill: Homecoming Signature Series Guide (Brady Games)

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  • Welcome Home, Alex!



  • Boss Strategies Utilize proven tactics and techniques to annihilate every boss with ease. Learn each boss’s weak points and how to exploit them.


  • Art Gallery Lots of original artwork, concept sketches, in-game environment models, character drawings, and much more


  • Game Secrets Learn how to unlock all five endings. Locate the two bonus weapons. Unlock Pyramid Head’s helmet and other extra outfits. 


  • Comprehensive WalkthroughStrategies and tips to get you through Shepherd’s Glen and the notorious Silent Hill. Use detailed Area Maps to pinpoint weapon and item locations.


  • Interviews with the Developers Learn about the folks behind one of this year’s scariest games.


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  • Platform: PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360


    Genre: Action/Adventure