Need For Speed Standard Edition Strategy Guide

Need For Speed Standard Edition Strategy Guide

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  • The Need for Speed Standard Edition Guide includes…


  • COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH -Maps and racing tactics for every course. We cover all five ways to play—Build, Style, Speed, Crew, and Outlaw.

  • THE CARS - A virtual showroom of every ride in the game!

  • RACING 101 - Everything you need to maximize your driving skills—basics of racing, automotive terminology, tutorials on the different play modes, and Autolog.

  • TOUR OF VENTURA BAY - We have charted every square mile of this enormous, open-world game. Our map identifies the locations for all races and challenges.

  • PLUS Secrets, Achievements/Trophies, and exclusive bonuses!

  • FREE Mobile-Friendly eGuide - Use the enhanced eGuide for strategy on the go, all optimized for a second-screen experience!