Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days  (Bradygames Signature Guides)

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (Bradygames Signature Guides)

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  1. BradyGames’ Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Signature Series Strategy Guide

  2. includes the

  3. following:A complete walkthrough of both the story and mission modes.


  4. AREA MAPS: In-depth maps of every area including the Disney inspired worlds of Pinocchio, Wonderland, Neverland, Beast’s Castle, Agrabah, Halloween Town, and Olympus Coliseum

  5. ORGANIZATION XIII: Learn the ins and outs of Organization XII along with every playable character

  6. PANEL SYSTEM: Exhaustive breakdown of the new system

  7. ITEM AND SKILLS: Complete listing of all accessories, items, skills, weapons, and more! Plus, detailed item synthesis coverage

  8. BESTIARY: A comprehensive analysis of every enemy including strengths, weaknesses, and their attacks
  9. Signature Series guide features bonus foldout and more!
  10. Platform: Nintendo DSGenre: Role-Playing Game