Kabuki Warriors

Kabuki Warriors

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  • As an actor/samurai for a troop of Kabuki warriors trying to travel from Edo to Kyoto, you possess both strength and style.
  • Along the way, you'll have to fight other Kabuki troops, garner the favor of the crowd to receive tips, and trade warriors with your defeated counterparts.
  • When you arrive in Kyoto, you will need a very accomplished group of samurai to defeat the city's star troop.


  • Battle in winner-take-all competitions on stages across Japan, pummeling opponents and striking dramatic poses to gain the crowd's favor and maxing out the popularity bar to perform devastating special attacks.

  • The game includes 24 characters, each with different weapons and unique attacks such as fireballs, fire storms, lightning, and tornadoes.

  • Life and popularity bars affect attack abilities. Game modes include adventure, time attack, tournament, and versus. Graphic effects such as bump mapping, particle effects, and vertex shading produce lifelike warriors and spectacular action.