Halo 3 ODST:  (Prima Official Game Guides) Paperback

Halo 3 ODST: (Prima Official Game Guides) Paperback

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  1. * Move Out Soldier - Complete coverage of the single player missions. With labeled maps for New Mombassa and tactics included for the Legendary level of difficulty.
  2. * Team Up - Intense Firefight Co-Op strategy to ensure you and your squadmates survive. With input from the actual developers and testers to give you the inside track.
  3. * Clan Wisdom - All Halo 3 multiplayer maps with breakdowns and tips from some of the best clan players out there.
  4. * Rise Through the Ranks - Detailed info on every Achievement from Halo ODST and Halo 3. More than a list, instructions and tips for every one.