FortressGame Boy Advance

FortressGame Boy Advance

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  • A cross between the definitive puzzle game Tetris and the niche arcade classic Rampart, Fortress has plenty of substance, but doesn't take advantage of the Game Boy Advance's visual and aural capabilities.
  • The game challenges players to construct towers from Tetris-like pieces, while simultaneously trying to destroy their opponent's structure and defending their own.

    Players use a variety of weapons and units to achieve their aims.

  • Twerps are the grunts of the game and come in two varieties: offensive and defensive. Offensive twerps attack your opponent, while defensive twerps help repair your structure.

  • Wizards will summon monsters that can inflict massive damage to your enemy. Weaponry is dependent on which level you are playing--prehistoric, medieval, pirate, or space.

  • Prehistoric weapons are primitive (rocks and slingshots), while space weapons are futuristic (plasma cannons).