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  • Enclave is an exhilarating but difficult 3rd-person role-playing game--a gritty, up-close-and-personal Diablo meets Halo experience.
  • The basic action takes place in a dark and chaotic landscape torn apart by the rift--a bottomless crevasse magically created to surround the lone city of Celenheim, and keep it protected from the dark Outlanders.
  • Your first mission, the Mission of Light, is to prevent the Outlanders from invading the city.
  • As a fun side note, when you win the game for Celenheim, you can turn around and play as an Outlander.


  • You start the game as a knight. As the levels progress, you acquire various other characters which play pivotal roles in your ability to get through each one alive.

  • In true Dungeons and Dragons style, you prep for each level by gearing up your character and purchasing the items you think you'll need.

  • Character selection is important as each mission has unique challenges, tends to be long, and is usually impossible to save once in progress--which brings us to the game's only major downfall.

  • Unless you're a patient and skilled gamer, you're likely to get frustrated by not being able to get past difficult levels within one or two attempts.

  • Many levels need to be approached half a dozen times or more, using different character and equipment combinations. Personally, we enjoyed that challenge, though this might not be true for everyone. --Sung Nicholas Kim