Dungeon Siege III:  (Prima Official Game Guides) (Paperback)

Dungeon Siege III: (Prima Official Game Guides) (Paperback)

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  1.  Complete walkthroughs cover all quests and dungeons, with detailed information on the choices you make that influence your characters' storyline and gameplay experience.
  2. • Advanced combat strategies help you defeat the hordes of dangerous creatures you encounter in your journey through Ehb, including stats and tactics for all combat styles and special abilities.
  3. • Choose your role in the game with our comparison of the strengths and skills of all four playable heroes.
  4. • Consult the fully labeled maps so you can find all the best loot, hidden lore, and items!
  5. • Go behind the scenes with the creators of Dungeon Siege III in our special Developer Commentary sidebars and concept art section!