DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY  (Bradygames Signature Guides)

DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY (Bradygames Signature Guides)

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  • What Will You Fight For?

    Ten warriors have been summoned by the goddess Cosmos to do battle with the ten that have been summoned by Chaos. Will the courage, power, and skill of the heroes overcome the forces of darkness? Only you can decide.



  • Rise to the Challenge

    Empower the heroes of Cosmos with tips and techniques for using bravery attacks, HP attacks, summons, and EX Bursts.



  • Navigate the Boards

    Learn the best ways to initiate hidden battles, find secret treasures, and accumulate the maximum amount of Destiny Points.



  • Take up Arms

    Equip your warriors with the best weapons, accessories, and items to overcome the forces of Chaos.



  • Cheats and Secrets

    Discover ways to power level your heroes, advance their abilities, and earn items through Mognet.



  • Exclusive Foldout Platform: PlayStation Portable

     Genre: Role-Playing Game