Disgaea: Original Soundtrack  Soundtrack

Disgaea: Original Soundtrack Soundtrack

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  • This is exactly what I wanted, a soundtrack with a compilation of arguably the best songs from the first three games.
  • The only thing I was a little surprised about was the fact that it came in a sleeve, not a jewel case, but that doesn't really bother me otherwise, and for the $25 that I paid for it, who am I to complain?
  • Track Listings

    Disc: 1

      1. Demon Academy

      2. Demon Academy Prospective Student

      3. Tales of Innocent Youth

      4. Lord Laharl's...Hymn?

      5. Galaxy Wars

      6. Planet X

      7. Etna Boogie

      8. Poem of the Vagabond

      9. Sinful Rose

      10. My Comrade

      11. Rock Crystal

      12. Etna Rock

      13. Twinkle Star

      14. Disgaea Rhapsody

      15. Extreme Outlaw Overlord

      16. White Tiger

      17. Running Fire

      18. Dark Whisper

      19. Makai Fugue

      20. Demon Academy Alma Master

      21. Lord Laharl's Hymn