Dino Stalker

Dino Stalker

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  • It's World War II. Pilot Lieutenant Mike Wired's plane takes heavy damage during a dogfight over the Atlantic.
  • Forced to eject, he's suddenly enveloped in a blinding flash of white light and guided toward an ominous jungle below. Everything around him has changed. He hears the distant moan of strange beasts.
  • Dino Stalker puts you in charge of a hero lost in time. You'll face off against an onslaught of prehistoric beasts in first-person perspective, with arcade-style targeting and battling by land, sea, and air.

  • The game features fully interactive backgrounds and is compatible with the GunCon 2 light gun.

  • Forced to eject after a damaging aerial dogfight, World War II fighter pilot Mike Wired finds himself drifting down toward an ominous jungle where he finds himself in a different time realm.

  • Freed from enemy machine gun fire, Wired has fallen into the jaws of a new, seemingly impossible to overcome threat, back to a time before time.

  • The only way out is a battle for survival with the prehistoric beasts that rule this shadowy jungle world.