Diablo III Signature Series  (Bradygames Signature Guides)

Diablo III Signature Series (Bradygames Signature Guides)

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  • Save Sanctuary From The Forces of Hell


  • Hundreds of monsters and a host of evil horrors stand between you and your quest to save Sanctuary. Myriad treasures and dangers await, and there’s only one place to go for salvation—right here.


  • Quest Guide The most ambitious coverage ever provided in a walkthrough. We cover every quest with 3D town maps, minions, and lootables for each new area, and descriptions of all Unique monsters as you encounter them. Plus, exclusive dungeon maps & tactics for the most challenging areas and expert strategy for all boss battles.


  • Bestiary An alphabetized visual encyclopedia of all creatures in the game, including critical stats and detailed descriptions of special attacks, abilities, and behaviors. Plus a full explanation of all classes, ranks, and traits so that you always know exactly End Game Quests & Bonuses how to approach each battle.


  • Heroes Get the most out of all five classes. A complete rundown of all active and passive skills for each Hero, along with advice on maximizing their attacks with the best rune combinations for specific situations.


  • Crafting The only complete overview of the Diablo III crafting system. Plan ahead for all 10 training levels of the Blacksmith and Jeweler, including the recipes for crafting and socketing the most powerful weapons and armor


  • Items & Loot A comprehensive listing of equipment and items, including the highly sought after Legendary and Set items.


  • End Game Quests & Bonuses Detailed information about the new endgame features such as Nephalem Valor, Paragon Levels, and more!