Dead to Rights: Retribution  (Official Strategy Guides (Bradygames))

Dead to Rights: Retribution (Official Strategy Guides (Bradygames))

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  1. Complete Walkthrough with Visual Situation Indicators - Guide Jack and Shadow through dark and sprawling Grant City in search of answers and a little payback.
  2. Take advantage of BradyGames unique Visual Situation Indicators that provide image based strategy during key moments.
  3. Use our expert training guide to make the most of the weapons at Jack s disposal, master moving through cover, and when to use Focus Mode.
  4. Learn to take full advantage of his fists of fury: every technique, special attack, guard break, and Takedown.
  5. Take advantage of your four-footed friend with our comprehensive Shadow guide. We show you how to maximize Shadow s savager.
  6. All Badge Locations
  7. Game Completion Rewards
  8. Complete every End of Chapter Bonus
  9. Achievements or Trophies