Dark Summit

Dark Summit

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  • Extreme sports just got a little more bizarre with this game that mixes snowboarding with espionage.
  • And somehow, it works. The plot involves the efforts of boarder Naya as she investigates the wacky activities at the decidedly snowboarder-unfriendly Mt. Garrick.
  • Naya must complete a long series of stunt-based missions in order to gain enough lift points to get to the top of Mt. Garrick. In general, the pacing isn't nearly as fast as snowboarding king SSX, yet Dark Summit's weird cast of characters and emphasis on combos and timing makes for a deeper game.


  • Despite the cartoony physics, you'll find the controls very responsive and you'll soon be pulling off some cool-looking stunts.

  • The visuals won't raise new standards for the Xbox, but they are nicely detailed and move fast.


  • Curiously, while you can earn points to buy snazzy clothing and boards, none of them affect actual gameplay. Also, the repetition when trying to complete your goals will terrify impatient speed-seeking snowboarders.


  • Still, while not quite as quick and stylish as SSX, Dark Summit delivers a strong just-one-more-try feel that challenges players while still being fun. For those with the skills and patience, Summit is a arcade snowboard ride of a slightly different kind. --Mark Brooks