Crysis 2  (Bradygames Signature Guides) (Paperback)

Crysis 2 (Bradygames Signature Guides) (Paperback)

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  1. BradyGames’ Crysis 2 Official Strategy Guide includes the following:  This strategy guide augments the Crysis experience and provides expanded intel on every facet of the game.
  2.      - EXHAUSTIVE WALKTHROUGH offers expert strategy for dominating the single-player game and tips on how to accumulate 

  3. PRESTIGE POINTS!  -Pour through the sections detailing how to tweak your NANOSUIT to get the most out of your style of gameplay!

  4. -Obtain the top-secret data for each WEAPON AND VEHICLE in the armory to master and equip the best!

  5. -Overwhelm your opponents with the high-level tactics in the MULTIPLAYER section and find all the critical points on the DETAILED MAPS.