Bomberman - Classic NES SeriesGame Boy Advance

Bomberman - Classic NES SeriesGame Boy Advance

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  • Re-released in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Nintendo entertainment system console, this classic title casts you as Bomberman who has to bomb enemies while finding the level exit.
  • Search for exits under the forty different blocks while enemies get tougher and more challenging. But unlimited bombs, timed bombs, a fireproof vest and the ability to walk through blocks will help you as you advance and enjoy this great classic from the early days of Nintendo.
  • Comes in a standard Game Boy Advance box featuring the classic artwork of the original game.
  • The game that spawned more than 15 others, Bomberman combines action with puzzle solving and has turned generations of regular gamers into mad (virtual) bombers.
  • The frenzy returns for the Game Boy Advance in the NES Classics series.

    As the title character, you blow up bricks on the field of play in an effort to find the door to the next level.

  • At first, you can only lay one bomb down at a time. In addition to getting out of the way of your own bomb, you have an assortment of enemies you must blow up.In each stage,

  • you find power-ups that make clearing away blocks easier by extending your blast radius. However, if you're caught in your own bomb blast, you'll have to start the level over.

  • Famous puzzle/action blend Demolish walls to clear stages Save progress and high score