Prototype 2 Official Strategy Guide (Paperback)

Prototype 2 Official Strategy Guide (Paperback)

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  • BradyGames’ Prototype 2 Official Strategy Guide includes the following:

  • Welcome to New York Zero

  • Husband, father, soldier. Sgt. James Heller was once all these things. Now, infected with the Blacklight Virus, Heller is becoming something...more.

  • Equipped with an ever-growing arsenal of shape-shifting powers, you must make your way across the nightmarish landscape of NYZ to reach your ultimate goal.

  • Are you ready to destroy your maker?

  • Comprehensive Campaign Walkthrough: We lead you step-by-step through the entire game from start to finish—complete every mission!

  • //Blacknet Missions: Take on optional //Blacknet missions to perfect your powers and earn additional awards!

  • Analysis of Mutations: Learn everything you need to know about your powers, upgrades, and abilities. Control your own evolution!

  • That’s Not All:
    •Radnet DLC Missions
    •Achievements and Trophies